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Have a fascinating website and you want a fun decorative clock for it? I made a couple of dozen shockwave clock widgets and offer them for free. My clock widgets were made to be conversation pieces. The background pictures and colors were picked to be energetic. Time displays from the visitors location. They're not in any order. Understand, I believe people's feelings are too important to be catagorized. So the clocks are presented with no method in mind. There are only a few dozen gadgets so they won't take too long to view the gallery. Best to download them to your dashboard as shockwave files and put on your blog or webite page using the html OBJECT tag.
Example:<object data="directory/clock_inspired.swf" style="width: 200px; height: 200px" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></object> change the image width and height to suite your page.


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Jones Very is gone into the multitude as solitary as Jesus. In dismissing him, I seem to have discharged an arrow into the heart of Society. Wherever that young enthusiast goes, he will astonish and disconcert men by dividing for them the cloud that covers the gulf in man. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1838 journal, about Jones Very

A man or woman... who loves poetry and great pictures and statues, who is familiar with Shakespeare, who has a sense of humor and a love of nature, knows a deal about the joy of living and is full of resources. ~Silas X. Floyd (1869–1923), "The Best Books for Children,"Floyd's Flowers: or, Duty and Beauty for Colored Children, 1905

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg proves to be of a fitful temperament: on one page the hypochondriac, on the next the optimist, now as practical as Franklin, now as whimsical as Lamb, here dwelling devoutly on the sombre music of the Psalms, there as gravely speculating what the mean reading of the barometer may be in Paradise; sceptical, superstitious, cynical and sentimental by turns. ~Norman Alliston, The Reflections of Lichtenberg, 1908

To use a geographical metaphor, Poe's life was bounded on the north by sorrow, on the east by poverty, on the south by aspiration and on the west by calumny; his genius was unbounded. There are literary hyenas still prowling about his grave. But his pensive brow wears the garland of immortality. His soul was music and his very life-blood was purest art. His ear caught the cadences of that higher harmony which poets hear above the world's turmoil. In spite of detraction he is safely enshrined in memory while poetry shall live. Young poets will always have tears and roses for his grave. ~Chauncey C. Starkweather, "Special Introduction," Essays of American Essayists, 1900

For the wanderlust-bitten soul is the soul which cannot face issues except for a moment of exaltation. Unconsciously it seeks the "runaway" policy and finds in change and new excitement the strength that other natures find in a dogged endurance of whatever comes. ~Grace Isabel Colbron, book review of The Trail of the Hawk by Sinclair Lewis, 1915

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